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Photographing pre-school students takes a great deal of patience and experience. Our photographers are properly trained to work with young children and make them feel very comfortable in what might be their first school picture day. You can be confident that our staff will work their magic to capture that perfect smile.

As a parent, you will have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of colorful and age appropriate backgrounds to create a beautiful portrait of your child.

Ordering prior to picture day is always an option, unless you choose to use one of our pre-pay or proof envelopes. You may also purchase portraits following picture day if you choose by using our customer friendly online ordering process or by giving one of our team members a call.

Please use the backgrounds link above to view all the options available, as well as pre-school links on our site to ensure that both parent and student are properly prepared for the best picture day experience possible.


Remember!  We offer a retake/absentee day at each school. Your satisfaction is VERY important to us.

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