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My child is very shy, will it be reflected in the photos?


Our staff of photographers work extremely well with young children and will make him or her feel as comfortable as possible to capture a smile you will be happy with.

Do parents have to pre-pay for their photo package?


Typically, with pre-schools, a proof program is photographed where you see your child’s photos prior to making a purchase.

What if my child is absent, how can I have their photos taken without missing out?


At most schools, we offer an absentee/retake day, where students who may have been absent on original day can be photographed as well as any parents requesting their child to be re-photographed.

What ordering options are available?


Our options include a proof payment envelope returned to the school or by using our user-friendly online ordering portal. You can also call our office and place an order with one of our customer service team members.

Is there a discount if I have more than one child in the school?


Yes. We order a discount for the second child and if there is a third child in the school, their package is free. If there are more than three children in the school, any additional packages are discounted as well.

Have another question? Give us a call at 631-319-1657.

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