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Image by Matthew Fournier

When photographing high school underclass students, our staff will interact on a very professional and mature level to make sure picture day is enjoyable. Minor adjustments through verbal requests, will assist your child in making last minute adjustments regarding hair placement, straightening of any garments, repositioning of jewelry, etc. so that both student and their family can be pleased with the final product.

Please make sure that the student comes to school looking his or her best, whether purchasing portraits or not, as their photo will be included in the school’s yearbook. A student’s portrait image will also be used for a school ID card.

When deciding on a background for your child’s portraits, remember to check the link of options to choose the best background to compliment an outfit or hair color. Choices include a variety of beautiful colors, textures, scenic, sports related and other themes to bring out the student’s personality.

Ordering prior to picture day is always an option, unless you choose to use our pre-pay envelopes. You may also purchase portraits following picture day if you choose by using our customer friendly online ordering process or by giving one of our team members a call.

Please use the backgrounds link to view all the options available, as well as high school links on our site to ensure that both parent and student are properly prepared for the best picture day experience possible.

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