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Am I able to pre-order my child’s photo package online prior to picture day?


Yes. Once you receive your child’s picture day flyer, instructions are noted on how to pre-order a portrait package. We do ask that if you pre-order online, to print a copy of your order and insert it into the payment envelope and return it to school on picture day.

Will any members of the photography staff make changes to my child’s hair or outfit?


Our staff is instructed to only make minor adjustments to make sure each student is neat and
presentable for their portraits. If you have any requests, you can use our Picture Day Request form to make us aware of any specific details to look out for. That request is required to be received by our office no less than 48 hours prior to picture day. You may also send in a written request, however if you do, please attach it to the OUTSIDE of the payment envelope as staff members are restricted from opening payment envelopes.


What if my child is absent, how can I have their photos taken without missing out?


At most schools, we offer an absentee/retake day, where students who may have been absent on original day can be photographed as well as any parents requesting their child to be re-photographed.

What options are available when ordering?


Our options include using the pre-pay picture day payment envelope, pre-ordering online, post-picture day online ordering or by contacting our customer service team.

Is there a discount if I have more than one child in the school?


Yes. We order a discount for the second child and if there is a third child in the school, their package is free. If there are more than three children in the school, any additional packages are discounted as well.

What if I realize that I need to make a change to my order?


No worries. Simply use our Order Correction form to make any necessary changes to your order or call our office for customer support.

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