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  • Please make sure the student is well prepared for these very memorable portraits. On senior portrait day, a variety of images will be taken including formal wear in either black drape or tuxedo (depending on gender choice), in cap and gown as well as possible informal portraits depending on the program chosen by the school.

  • If choosing to have hair cut, colored or styled, please keep in mind when your scheduled portrait day is so that it is the length or look the student desires. Hair is preferred to not be tied up in any fashion as this will make wearing the cap much more difficult.

  • Fingernails will be visible in the cap and gown portraits, so please ensure that nails are clean or freshly polished if you choose.

  • In wearing the formal drape, girls are asked to wear a strapless top and should refrain from getting sunburn in the days leading up to picture day.

  • For formal portraits wearing a tuxedo, the student is asked to wear a tee shirt so that the dress shirt and jacket do not become cumbersome.

  • If your school has chosen a program which includes informal portraits in a sitting, a student may wear comfortable clothing, sports uniforms and bring sports equipment, musical instruments, etc. which bring out their true personality.

  • When choosing a background for any of your portrait packages, please take into account the shades of the drape or tuxedo as well as the colors of the cap and gown so not to create a clash in colors.

  • Refrain from any use of face and/or hair glitter as it will be reflective in the photographs.

  • All formal (drape and tuxedo) portraits for yearbook receive our premiere enhancement retouching service to reduce or eliminate acne, eye bags, teeth whitening, scars and hair flairs.

  • If you are unsure as to which background would be most flattering, please note that any of our gray shaded backgrounds will always work best with any outfit as it is a neutral color. A gray background will automatically be inserted if a background is not chosen by a parent.

  • Any special requests such as hair style, glasses or any pieces of clothing which are or are not to be worn for pictures, should be communicated by using our Picture Day Special Request form and submitted to our office no later than 48 hours prior to picture day. You may also send in a note with the student on picture day.


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